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At Bespoke Log Cabins we can design and build your ideal log cabin holiday home or commercial log cabin, from the start we can guide you through all planning stages and even get your building to supersede current building regulations, all our buildings are built from sustainable timber sources and meet all uk requirements regarding grading and quality, this not only ensures your building is structurally sound but also gives you peace of mind that the building has had minimal effect on the environment.

We have many different methods of manufacturing your ideal home and will guide you through the different styles and explain why these methods are our chosen way of building.

Log Cabins are mostly known as interlocking buildings as all the logs interlock at the corners, you will rarely find a log cabin company that can build log cabins longer than 6m as most companies dont have the technology or experiance to produce longer lengths of machined timber, bespoke log cabins has a vast network of suppliers with the knowlege and expertise needed for these type of buidings.

All our buildings are designed in house and then passed onto our qualified structural engineer to approve, at this stage we will learn how efficient the building will be allowing us to adapt the building if building regs are required.
This gives us the ability to design a building that supersedes any UK Building regs and is more thermally efficient than a standard brick home.

Some Organisations have their own energy statement or guidelines that they have to meet and in some cases you will find they demand higher specifications to meet with their own guidelines, this is something we can help with at a early stage as we treat each residential log cabin or commercial log cabin individually and carry out calculations regarding U values and thermal efficiency at a very early stage, this ensures there are no suprises later on down the line when the building is already in construction.

All our residential log cabins have CE/EU approved windows and doors as standard and can be factory treated to ensure a perfect finnish.

If you are in the market for a reidential or commercial building then please pick up the phone and speak to one of our in house log cabins sales team and they will be happy to help.

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