Price Match is one of the areas we try not to get involved in as there are thousands of manufactures to compete with, we beleive its not about the price it should be about value for money, Why buy cheap when you can buy smart, all our buildings come complete with a level of service we pride ouselves on.

These days we are up against sales teams who have no experiance with timber never mind construction, every day the internet is growing and online shopping is becoming the way to buy, we belive its impossible to sell experiance and knowlege over the web, Log cabins are a specialist product and need the attention to detail we provide, they are designed to last and sould not be designed to be the cheapest.

All we ask you as a customer to do is ask the company for a full written quotation to show the full breakdown of the costs as most of the time we will either be cheaper or very close on the overall quotation, if we are more expensive we will have all the answers why and will talk you through the diffences in quality.

Look below these are some of the logos you may com up against while shearching the web, they look great but they are there for only one reason and that is to attract your attention and to give you confidance that you are buying smartly.

Dont be fooled all companies will have a "like for like" policy and your price match will rareley qualify.

log cabin price match