log cabins with log burners and solar electricity

Bespoke log cabins have been building timber buildings for over 15 years and have built up an extensive support network when it comes down to additional services.

Timber buildings are becoming widely used throughout the UK for many reasons, higher U values can be achieved therefore making timber buildings more energy efficient, the aesthetics of the buildings can give the feel of warmth and strength, cost saving is a huge advantage when building from timber as there are a number of saving factors like reduced on site construction time, less materials wasted, sectional buildings or log cabins can be watertight in less than 5-6 days allowing other trades to get started earlier giving you a greater control of the project.

Timber Framed Buildings and Log Cabins that include our unique winter pack system are built to ensure you get the best performance out of your building.
Building in one of these methods gives us the opportunity to insulate the building with a good level of insulation which not only does an excellent job of keeping the building warm but also acts as a sound proofing.

Log Burners
If you have ever thought of building your own timber building it makes sense to heat it properly so that you can get the maximum use out of it.
The beauty of installing a wood burning stove into a timber building or log cabin means you can create that perfect place to unwind in front of the fire.

At bespoke log cabins we can advise you on the different types of heating available from underfloor wet systems to Log Burners with back boilers, we have a range of suppliers who are happy to help.

All timber buildings these days will need some sort of electrical installation whether it be an off grid solution or connected to the mains you will always find the need to use electricity.

All our buildings are built in stages this allows time for other trades to first fix and hide any cables where necessary.

We have our own in house fully qualified electrician who can design the perfect electrical package that suits your building and supply.

Solar in Log Cabins
There are many different types of solar products on the market that are suitable for log cabins and can be a great way to save money.

The off grid solution could be the ideal way of powering your building if you only require low power consumption, this method will prevent the need to lay expensive cables underground which in some cases can run into thousands.

Solar can also be used in conjunction with an on grid system giving you the chance to sell the unused electricity to the national grid.

During the design process of your building you will have many decisions to make like choosing a style of kitchen and bathroom, this is where we use the experts and put you right in touch with the designers, they understand the nature of building and they will walk you through the whole process from design to build.