Bespoke Log Cabins was created by Specialist Log Cabins Ltd to give you the customer a chance to understand what Log Cabins rearly are all about.

For years Log cabins have been for sale on the internet by variouse diifferent methods from buying direct from the mill through to click and buy on the internet.

Specialist Log Cabins Ltd was founded to provide not only quality but direct factory prices, we refuse to use computer generated images and pride ourselves on the portfolio we have built up in the 15 years we have been involved in timber building manufacuring.

This alone shows the diversity our company has, from ground work through to the signing off of electrical installations we have the right skilled tradesmen for each aspect of building log cabins.

As you will find throughout the log cabin industry there are hundreds if not thousands of websites which claim to be the best and the most cost effective with only computer generated images, how can this be when they are expecting you as the customer to become there Guinie Pig for there non tried and tested methods.

At Specialist Log Cabins we have been involved with variouse different mills over the years and have always found it difficult to get our work ethic and attention to detail across to the mill workers as they have there set ways to build, this created a challenge we spent the time to talk to most of the UKs suppliers and always found a buying agent in the way who would promise the world but deliver only disapointment as these type of people are in sales for a reason and thats to sell, yuou must of heared the saying "i could sell ice to the eskimo's" this was our biggest hurdle to jump as the mills all sold through agents and refused to deal direct.

After years of dealing with agents we finally sttumbled upon a mill with everthing we where about, quality, design, passion and most of all the agent for the mill was no where to be seen, it seemed to good to be true.

The first step of this process when trying any new supplier is to visit there location and find out what they are all about and where there morals lie, is it volume like most others or is it simply somone like us, someone who supplies the right quality product for a fair price with all the backup, design and planning that goes with these type of buildings.